Randy Pausch's Last Lecture

The first important teaching advice that Randy Pausch gave was be good at something: it makes you valuable. Especially now with the economy, teachers need to have something that makes them valuable to that school in order to get a job. If there are several people applying for the same position you are, there needs to be something particular about you so that the principal will be able to make a good,just decision. If everyone had the same credentials then the principal would have to close his/her eyes to make a fair decision on who gets the position.
The second important teaching advice that Randy Pausch gave was work hard..."what's your secret?". A good teacher needs to have a good work ethic. If a teacher does not want to work, then the students are going to have a harder time learning. A teacher that will take the time to look up a question that he/she does not know for a student or take the extra time to explain that math stuff, the student is not going to learn near as much. However, if the teacher does take the time to look up that question or take the extra time to explain that math stuff, the student will learn more and will be more willing to learn from that teacher.
The third important teaching advice that Randy Pausch gave was find the best in everybody; no matter how long you have to wait for them to show it. This is great advice because everyone has good in them but is not always willing to show it. It takes different things for different people to show the good they have. If you take the time to find the good in someone, it will pay off in the end. If a teacher gives up on a student, the student is going to know it. In return, the student is not going to do their best in their education. However, if a teacher encourages a student to do their best, the student will probably try their hardest in their education.
The fourth and final important teaching advice that Randy Pausch gave was be prepared: "luck" is where preparation meets opportunity. This is the best advice a teacher could give a student. Most people just think that when opportunity knocks, then this will be their big break. However, most people don't know that when opportunity knocks, you better be ready to knock back. If a job falls into your lap and you don't have a resume or something to show the employer, they are probably not going to want to hire you because they will think you don't have you stuff together.

April Best of Fischbowl 2007

The blog I chose to read for this post was the April 13, 2007, "180 days?". Mr. Fisch makes such a good point when he talks about how the teachers say there is not enough time to teach more curriculum. Personally, I think that teachers giving movie days to students who have been exceptionally good do deserve a movie day every now and then. However, I do not think that teachers should give movie days just because they needed a break. If you can't control your students maybe you need to find another profession. Not trying to sound harsh, but there is no reason for someone to stay in something that drives them crazy or drains them.

Teachers/administrators need to find better ways to manage their class time and lecture time. Students are there to get a good education, not to sit around watching movies and listening to speakers. If you want to have speakers and other people come and disrupt class at least try to do it all on one day. If you know your going to have a speaker on class rings why not have to counselor come that same day to talk about senior class schedules? Stop trying to spread everything out so the students are not tired. Newsflash if they are going to college or work do you think their boss or college professors are going to give them extra time on a project because they're tired? I don't think so.

What would have made Fall 08 podcasts better

The first podcast that I listened to was Distance Learning in Alabama:ALEX and ACCESS by Susan Smith,Bridget Thompson-Hall, and Angela Minish. These three students sound very much like they practiced their podcast before they actually made it. However, they all sound like they are nervous and they do not sound like themselves. Something that I could do different in my podcast would be to not only practice the podcast but to practice it on a recorder so that I would be used to being recorded before my group actually does the podcast. Another thing I could do would be to just be myself. The students on this podcast sound like they are just reading something, they should have treated this like they were giving a speech in front of actual people so they would sound like they were giving a speech and not just reading something from a report.

The second podcast that I listened to was Blogging and Teaching by Rachel Davis, Justin Tullis, Myrenda Howze. These students sound as though they did not practice their podcast very much before they made it. This is one thing that I would change about this podcast. The other thing that I would change about this podcast would be the amount of um's that were said in this podcast. People will naturally say um in the middle of a thought; however, if you practiced a speech or podcast enough you will be less likely to say this. The information that they gave was good, but the way they presented it needed work.

"Best of the Fischbowl 2007"

I agree and disagree with this blog. I agree in the fact that teachers should incorporate technology in their classrooms so that the students can better understand how things work. The internet and computers are a beautiful thing that makes life a lot easier for many many people. The internet is a great tool for students to do research for a subject and learn things that one teacher might not be able to teach in a classroom of 30 students.

However, I disagree too. When my niece was four-years-old she could run a computer, DVD, or any other piece of technology as good as I could. Kids now are so much more technologically advanced than I was when I was growing up, but we also did not have computers, TV's, and phones in every room either. Teachers should not be made to keep up with their students in technology because they just physically can't. In my opinion, yes they should know the basics of technology, but they should not be expected to teach students (unless they are a computer teacher) about technology. It's just not going to happen because kids now are so technologically advanced.


In the KidsCast, the man that was talking said that he was in his living room, so pod casts sound like you can pretty much make them anywhere. The people that make these pod casts seem like they do a lot of research on the subject of the pod cast before they actually make the pod cast. None of these pod casts have a video, they are all audio only. Which makes me think that someone has their research in front of them and they take a recorder and record the message they want to say.

These pod casts really remind me of radio shows. The difference being that radio shows are heard over radio waves which only span so many miles. However, pod casts can be heard all over the world by anyone who has an internet connection. The pod casts that we had to listen to were made by educators and most of them had guests on that were technologically savvy. These guests really gave good advice to teachers as far as how to incorporate technology into the classroom.

Most of these pod casts really give you a good sense of what technology is being used today. They tell you what kids in classrooms are using and what kids can and can't do today with technology. They also give you information on technology that people in general are using now so that you can keep up with the technology around you. It also gives you some insight to the latest google and other free web pages that everyday people can use especially with the economy as bad as it is now.

Teachers who can't afford Microsoft can use this free information to help create lesson plans and googles form of power point to make their classroom more technologically savvy. These pod casts also give teachers an idea of how to make good pod casts for their students. Pod casts can be a great asset to teachers.