ACCESS stands for Alabama Connecting Classroom, Educators and Students Statewide. It is a great new program for students who are attending a school where either the teachers are not qualified to teach the courses the student needs or the school does not have the money to provide the equipment needed to have proper labs. Some of the objectives for ACCESS include advanced diploma courses and advanced placement or dual enrollment credit. These courses will help the student achieve college credit and allow them to have more challenging courses in high school to better prepare them for college. The courses offered by ACCESS will be web-based and videoconferencing, which means that the students will get experience with web-based classes (which most college classes are now) and the student also gets to see the classroom from the computer screen like they were actually in the classroom.

Although some students might think that they could take these classes at home on their own computers, one rule of ACCESS is that the courses will be taught at the students high school during regular school hours. However, one good thing about this is that the program is provided free of charge to all public high school students so there is no fees like there would be in a college web-based course. The Clanton Advertiser said "After walking into the Boaz classroom," (one of the 24 pilot schools) "it was like walking into the classroom of the future." This is a neat statement because it proves that Alabama is taking one good step forward in education.

ACCESS will help me in my classroom in many different ways. It will allow me to teach many more students who otherwise would not be able to take my course to help them prepare for college. Also, if I needed to be absent one day, I could tape my lecture and the students could still watch it and not get behind. If they had any questions they could always e-mail me to get help. ACCESS would also help me not to have so many papers to grade. I have had several web-based classes in college where the computer graded your test as soon as you finished it and then e-mailed your score to the teacher. I could teach more classes because I would not have near as much grading to do.