Schools using blogs in K-12 classrooms

The first blog that I found was by a 6th grade teacher in Georgia. It is really neat what she has done. She puts up on the class blog everything that they did in the class that day. So if you had to be absent one day, you could get what the class had done before you actually went to school. This is really cool, because let's say that you where absent on Thursday and you had a test on Friday. Usually teachers have a review the day before a test. This means that you would still be able to take your test and not have to worry about doing worse on the test than everyone else because you got the review too.
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This blog is not so much a classroom blog as it is an informational blog. It was set up to see how the parents and students like the idea of a new "21st century", as they call it, classroom. This classroom will be set up a lot like college is in the fact that the student will have to come see the teacher during office hours. It also has a list of the equipment and technology that will be in the classroom so that the parents can "poke at it", as the blog says, and give the teachers good feed back to see what is going to be a better leaning tool for the students.
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