Dr. Christie's site

The part of Dr. Christie's site that I choose was Constructivism. There are several points on this site that I really like, this first is learning is an active process facilitated by an environment that encourages: risk-taking, creative thinking, and critical thinking. This is really true. Education is not just about me teacher you student, and you sit there and do nothing but take notes. The students actually have to take a risk to ask questions that they might not know the correct answer to, or think creatively to get a good grade on that project. Another thing that I liked on this site was teachers create such environments to: facilitate learning and provide opportunities for self-reflection and self-evaluation. I liked this because teachers can make or break an opportunity for learning for a student. The third thing that I like about this site was learners learn by doing within a specific context. If a student is an intrapersonal learner, then they will learn better by themselves; but if they are an interpersonal learner, then they will learn better in a group. Teachers need to know this about their students so that they can mix up the lecture so all students have an equal chance at learning. The final thing that I liked about this site was students and teachers learn through their mistakes.
This speaks for its self. The best way to learn something is to mess up and try again.