iTunes University

iTunes University helps both students and teachers search and download education information just like you can search and download music. It helps students study whenever they like. This is good for college students who usually have to have a job. iTunes University allows them the freedom to look up items on break, lunch, or in the middle of the night when they get off of work. It also helps them if they have to miss class one day. All they have to do is go to iTunes and download the lecture for the day they missed. Never again will students have to rely on their classmates to take notes for them.

iTunes University also helps the teachers because they no longer have to write their lecture over and over again for each of their different classes. All they have to do is pull up their presentation on iTunes. This allows the teacher more time to interact with the students and really help them understand the material. Another way that iTunes University helps teachers is when they upload their lectures to iTunes, no longer will they have to send home what was done that day to a student. Now the student can just go to iTunes and download it themselves.Click_Here