Grades 9-12 video podcast

The video podcast that I watched was Galileo on the Moon. This vido podcast was not very long, only about 33 seconds. The astronaut had a feather and another heavier object and he was going to test Galileo's theory that every object falls at the same time.

This is great for a teacher, because this experiment is very difficult to recreate on Earth because of wind. If you have ever seen the movie Forest Gump and you see the feather floating on air, this is why the experiment is difficult to recreate on Earth. The feather is so light that the wind can manipulate how fast or slow the feather falls. The moon, apparently, does not have this problem so the two objects fall at the same time.

For a student, they just have to take your word for it because it is so difficult to show them that the two objects will actually fall at the same time. This video podcast takes all of the difficultly away. If you show your students this video podcast they will not have to take your word for it, they will actually be able to see it for their own eyes.