"Growth" vs. "Fixed" Minds

Student's with a fixed mindset believe that their basic intelligence is just to fix trade. They base their activities on whether or not their intelligence is going to show positively. Other student's who have a growth mindset believe that they can develop throughout their entire lives. They feel they can grow through passion, studying, and education.

Standford decided to teach the growth mindset. They developed an eight session workshop. In the workshop, half of the students were taught the study skills and the growth mindset, and the other half got only study skills. The students with only study skills did not do as well as the students with the study skills and growth mindset because they did not have the motivation that the other group had.

We have always been told that the brain is a muscle that needs to be worked just like any other muscle does. People who work-out don't just work-out until they see results, they have to keep working-out to keep those results. The brain is the same way. If we don't exercise our brains, then what is the use of even trying to learn something. Chances are if you don't exercise your brain in a math subject, in a couple of months to a year you probably will not remember how to do those math problems. This is a very good mindset for a teacher to be in for him/herself and for his/her students. If a teacher does not have a growth mindset, how will their students ever retain what they have learned?