Sir Ken Robinsons' Arguments and My Reaction

I agree and disagree with Sir Ken Robinson. I agree that "to be in your element you have to love it". Passion is the best way to do anything. If it's worth do, it's worth doing right. I also agree that college does not begin in kindergarten, but I also think that you should prepare your children for college before they get there. I do not think that you should start preparing your children from birth to go to college, but maybe around middle or high school they should start thinking about what they are going to do with their lives.

I do agree that we should teach children different subjects than just math/science/language/etc. The arts are just as important as the other subjects. Children need a way to express themselves and the arts are the best way for them to do this. Where would we be without music or art shows. We teach our children to be good at the arts when they are small, but when they get older we say "you should get a real job". Being a musician or artist is not what most parents want for their children, they want them to be a doctor or lawyer doing something that will make they lots of money. Money isn't everything though. What about doing what you love and what you are good at?