Being a critic for EDM 310 podcasts

One thing that I noticed about the first podcast that I listened to; The Strange Crystal Ball by Jamie Newell, Laura Mackay, and Katie Vadakin; was that there were times when someone would try to talk and another person would interupt accidentally. This tells me that the people performing this podcast were not listening to each other or were not looking at the other people around them to see if they had an idea they were about to say. It is easy to see when someone is about to say something, and if you see this don't try to overpower them by jumping in real quick. However, I do understand that it is extremely nerve racking to perform a podcast.

The next podcast that I listened to; Did you know? Shift Happens by Jessica Prestage, John Dunlop, and Christie Love. Something that came up in this podcast was the fact that it seemed like John was leading the entire podcast with Jessica and Christie just jumping in here and there. I think that everyone should have had an equal part in the podcast. He would ask a question and the other two would give their opinion and this was the only time that you really heard Jessica and Christie. I think that if you're going to ask questions and other people answer them, then you need to alternate who asks the questions and who answers the questions.

The third podcast that I listened to; ACCESS-Distance Learning in Alabama's High School by Megan Morgan, Alicia Baxter, and Angel Jackson. This was my group needed to slow down on their speaking. Especially in the beginning, we talked so fast that it was hard to keep up. Another thing was pronouncing. There were times when the only reason that I could understand what we were saying was because I helped perform the podcast.

The last podcast that I listened to; Pros and Cons of Facebook in the classroom by Peyton Ivey, Kendra Hill, Jessica White, and Jessica Courville. The first thing that I noticed was that when you mess up don't laugh, it is not very professional just correct yourself and move on.