Things I've learned in EDM 310

I've learned alot about blogs in this class. What I've learned the most about blogs is how useful they can be to me as a teacher. No longer will I have to hand out assignments to all of my students who were absent. Now, all I have to say is "go to the class blog". Presentations will always be a good way for students to get used to speaking infront of people. In my field of study though, math, there will probably not be many places that a presentation would be appropriate. Google Docs was a good item to cover. It can be very useful to a teacher, especially since it is free. Google is nice since it is free; however, I do not know how much I will use it because most students would prefer to use word seeing as how they already know how to use it. This in turn will save me valuable time and effort because most classrooms do not have computers for the students to use. Picasa was a wonderful tool and lots of fun to play around with pictures. I see myself using it more in the future. Podcast would be great for high school students. I am going to be a math teacher, so my students could do podcasts/videocasts to help other students learn the material. Personally, I was not all into twitter. It is a great tool for people who like to use this kind of program. It's not just twitter, I have never really been into facebook, myspace, or instant messaging. Contacting other teachers around the U.S. is a great way for teachers and future teachers to get ideas on how to mix up their class. It is also a good way for teachers to tell other teachers what has and hasn't worked for them in the classroom. iTunes is another great tool that I enjoyed even before I took this course. It has a plethora of different information and tools for students and teachers alike.

Something that I would have like to have covered more of would have been spread sheets. Personally, I think that we should have taken more time to cover more about how spread sheets can be useful to future teachers. Seeing as how I do not know much how what spread sheets can do I can not give specific examples. However, I'm sure that spread sheets can do more than concatenate and figure out car loans.

There was nothing in EDM 310 that I would say "no, I never want to learn that". I like to learn different things so that I am a well rounded individual so if someone offers to teach me something I usually do not resist.