April Best of Fischbowl 2007

The blog I chose to read for this post was the April 13, 2007, "180 days?". Mr. Fisch makes such a good point when he talks about how the teachers say there is not enough time to teach more curriculum. Personally, I think that teachers giving movie days to students who have been exceptionally good do deserve a movie day every now and then. However, I do not think that teachers should give movie days just because they needed a break. If you can't control your students maybe you need to find another profession. Not trying to sound harsh, but there is no reason for someone to stay in something that drives them crazy or drains them.

Teachers/administrators need to find better ways to manage their class time and lecture time. Students are there to get a good education, not to sit around watching movies and listening to speakers. If you want to have speakers and other people come and disrupt class at least try to do it all on one day. If you know your going to have a speaker on class rings why not have to counselor come that same day to talk about senior class schedules? Stop trying to spread everything out so the students are not tired. Newsflash if they are going to college or work do you think their boss or college professors are going to give them extra time on a project because they're tired? I don't think so.