What would have made Fall 08 podcasts better

The first podcast that I listened to was Distance Learning in Alabama:ALEX and ACCESS by Susan Smith,Bridget Thompson-Hall, and Angela Minish. These three students sound very much like they practiced their podcast before they actually made it. However, they all sound like they are nervous and they do not sound like themselves. Something that I could do different in my podcast would be to not only practice the podcast but to practice it on a recorder so that I would be used to being recorded before my group actually does the podcast. Another thing I could do would be to just be myself. The students on this podcast sound like they are just reading something, they should have treated this like they were giving a speech in front of actual people so they would sound like they were giving a speech and not just reading something from a report.

The second podcast that I listened to was Blogging and Teaching by Rachel Davis, Justin Tullis, Myrenda Howze. These students sound as though they did not practice their podcast very much before they made it. This is one thing that I would change about this podcast. The other thing that I would change about this podcast would be the amount of um's that were said in this podcast. People will naturally say um in the middle of a thought; however, if you practiced a speech or podcast enough you will be less likely to say this. The information that they gave was good, but the way they presented it needed work.