In the KidsCast, the man that was talking said that he was in his living room, so pod casts sound like you can pretty much make them anywhere. The people that make these pod casts seem like they do a lot of research on the subject of the pod cast before they actually make the pod cast. None of these pod casts have a video, they are all audio only. Which makes me think that someone has their research in front of them and they take a recorder and record the message they want to say.

These pod casts really remind me of radio shows. The difference being that radio shows are heard over radio waves which only span so many miles. However, pod casts can be heard all over the world by anyone who has an internet connection. The pod casts that we had to listen to were made by educators and most of them had guests on that were technologically savvy. These guests really gave good advice to teachers as far as how to incorporate technology into the classroom.

Most of these pod casts really give you a good sense of what technology is being used today. They tell you what kids in classrooms are using and what kids can and can't do today with technology. They also give you information on technology that people in general are using now so that you can keep up with the technology around you. It also gives you some insight to the latest google and other free web pages that everyday people can use especially with the economy as bad as it is now.

Teachers who can't afford Microsoft can use this free information to help create lesson plans and googles form of power point to make their classroom more technologically savvy. These pod casts also give teachers an idea of how to make good pod casts for their students. Pod casts can be a great asset to teachers.