"Best of the Fischbowl 2007"

I agree and disagree with this blog. I agree in the fact that teachers should incorporate technology in their classrooms so that the students can better understand how things work. The internet and computers are a beautiful thing that makes life a lot easier for many many people. The internet is a great tool for students to do research for a subject and learn things that one teacher might not be able to teach in a classroom of 30 students.

However, I disagree too. When my niece was four-years-old she could run a computer, DVD, or any other piece of technology as good as I could. Kids now are so much more technologically advanced than I was when I was growing up, but we also did not have computers, TV's, and phones in every room either. Teachers should not be made to keep up with their students in technology because they just physically can't. In my opinion, yes they should know the basics of technology, but they should not be expected to teach students (unless they are a computer teacher) about technology. It's just not going to happen because kids now are so technologically advanced.